Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to Canada's east coast

Living on the east coast of Canada, it seems we are always in winter. We see first snowfall every year on or about my mom's birthday of October 6th, and last flurries can be seen as late as May. End of May you hope to see all snow melted, and some hopeful sign of a tulip! Late June/early July normally brings telltale signs of summer, with warmest weeks being the last two of July...yes you heard right...two full weeks of balmy summer weather:)! August sees cooler temps, with last two weeks of August showing signs of Fall temps. September is getting chilly, furnaces are turned on at night. Halloween is darned cold with tights under the Cinderella get-ups and thermo gloves becoming part of the costume, as have boots for walking thru the odd patch of snow, and your furnace stays on until mid May again :)! And I mustn't forget to mention the temps of -42 last two weeks of Jan and first two of Feb!

A magnificent Canadian sunset mid July...  


Same location mid February...


Now, first day of summer was officially a little over a week ago, and we are this week in celebration with our annual community "Salmon Festival". The long running joke has been that once the amusement ride people arrive as part of the festival activities, so does the rainy weather and guess what?? This year has proven to be no exception with current temps of 13 degrees and rain forecasted until a week from tomorrow :).

Nonetheless, it's a time of year to gather outdoors, see visiting faces and receding hairlines that are vaguely familiar if one were to retro-age enhance the memory, enjoy live music, and dance in the streets. I hope to have some pics to post a bit later of this year's activities and of a sun blessed area that really is quite beautiful.

Until then, wishing one and all a Happy Salmon Festival! BRRRRR!

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