Tuesday, July 7, 2009

and more on the weather

OK...I really don't want to use this blog to talk about the weather but it's getting to be kinda ridiculous Mr. Weatherman!! We, in our little area of northern New Brunswick Canada (Campbellton to be exact), nestled away in a beautiful valley surrounded by water and rolling hills, have just hosted our annual community Salmon Festival. I mentioned in the previous posting (and my first) that I had hoped to include some photos in my next post. Hmmmm...well this is what I got...  

and this...the positive thoughts of a two year old :)

and this...
Now what you're seeing in the above photo behind the blue plaid (my husband's shirt), is actually the sky's reflection in the puddle that had accumulated around his behind while sitting in his chair watching our festival parade...and yes, the amusement ride people are in town! While watching the kids and beauty contestants in their gowns and perfectly coiffed dos parade on by in clear plastic rain ponchos, I couldn't help but remember the year I was part of a majorette marching band as a kid in the same parade and had to wear hotpants. Same weather...and trust me, they were anything but hot!

But you know, being the optimist that I am, I looked forward to the sun finally rearing it's gorgeous and bright head this July 7th morning, longing for a run in the sun, just as the weatherman had predicted. Calling for nothing but sunshine and mid 20 temps the rest of the week...yipee!! We can finally enjoy the pool...that is once we drain off the extra 6 inches of rainfall!

Uh...not so fast...he's now also calling for frost and 7 degrees overnight. Hmmmmm...Honey, where did we stash the iceskates???

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