Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm in the kitchen

Two posts in one night...imagine!!

Further to our attempts to rid ourselves of all evidence of pink in our kitchen, I wasn't really sure that I would like a true ceramic tiled backsplash. Loving French Country colors and the decor style itself with it's motifs, I thought I would try my hand at freehand painting a rooster over faux tiles above our oven. Here's how I did it (I'm sure others will have different approaches...this is what worked for me). If unsuccessful, just repaint, right? Right! I have to say that it was not really my intention to have him stay, but he has all along on a temporary basis...sort of. Again, until the big reno!

The new kitchen drywalled walls were basecoated with a water-based ivory color in an eggshell finish. I opted for a gold color called Livingston Gold (BM) and mixed it with equal parts of water. Using a seasponge, I dipped the sponge into the mixture and lightly dabbed the color onto a handcut stencil I had made to resemble small ceramic tiles. Easy enough. Once dried, I traced a rooster pattern which I had photocopied from placemats I had for our breakfast island with pencil, and transferred that using transfer paper, to the wall. Using acrylic paints mixed with a bit of water, I then filled in the rooster freehand until he resembled, well...a rooster :-)! This was the result...  

I've still not finished the faux tile work due to waiting on my husband to finish with the brackets he added to the underside of the cupboards, and it's only been about 6 years since I left that project :-(! But I will get back at it one day...hmmmm. I hear myself saying that quite a bit lately. That and "my next post will come much sooner"...

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