Friday, December 11, 2009

'tis the season

Well the festive time of year is upon us and WOW...did it come from nowhere, and fast!! It's been a super busy Fall with the business, Lizzy's dance classes, fighting off sinus infections, throat infections...for some reason, she and I seem to be on the same cycle and have both been ill off and on since about August. Skipping workouts and making time only for the business and my family, has made for not much activity outside of just that...I already know what my first new years resolution is. My Painted Porch hosted an Open House mid November for one afternoon only, with a good turnout. Guess meds prevented me from having the presence of mind to take pics...I keep forgetting there's a blog now to post them to :-)! In preparing for the Open House, I wondered if I should decorate for Christmas, but thank goodness I didn' it turned out, I was still painting signs until 3 am the night before and a tree, let alone anything else, would have been beyond unrealistic. We had our first snowfall in mid October and an absolutely fabulous month of fall weather in November, seeing no snow again until last week, and a winter storm yesterday. The mild weather thus far has been completely out of the norm for our area this time of year, and made for considerable slowing down of the natural dive into the Christmas spirit. Once we saw 30 cm fall yesterday tho, that changed everything...we have a tree! I made a few new signs for the Christmas season, keeping one of each of my faves for myself. Ck out the Gumdrops sign...looks fab peeking out from behind our tree. The Noel in the bottom right you can barely see...will try to snap a better pic a bit later for posting.  

We spent the afternoon Sunday with the kids piling the season's supply of firewood, decorating the tree and sipping eggnog, and I indulged the hankerings of my son with 'Mom's cooking' for family dinner. I have to say, that there is nothing, and I do mean nothing, that can make my heart go pitter patter like the image of my two children together, 20 years apart in age. One so totally thrilled to have the other, and even with such an age difference, so attached. With Lizzy now 3 and having a greater interest and amazement with all things Christmas, it was a truly magical and heartfelt family day. And yet another year, I am forgiven for making them wear the silly Santa hats for pics, which of course I have to share...  

This year, we are all so looking forward to experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a 3 yr old. The smiles in front of and behind the camera I know will be far from few. As we carry on in our preparations for the holiday season and the anticipation of the occasion drawing nearer, I can't help but think of those less fortunate...those with illness, those unable to be with their loved ones, those who have lost, those who are still fighting a brave battle. My heart wishes peace to all, in the true spirit of Christmas.

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