Monday, March 22, 2010

the times they are a-changin'!

Hmmmm...I'm from the Maritime Provinces of Canada. When we speak of fishing, something many of our forefathers raised their families on, we mean some of our guys going out in a boat, or on the ice, with what is commonly known, maybe even universally, as "a 6 pack" of NB brewed beer, or Tim Horton's coffee, dangling toes in the cool waters from the stern of a canoe, or in the hot ice-shanty fires and that can burn the toes of your socks if you're Australian and not careful, to cast a line, or a net, in the sparkling reflection of the sun on the water, or on the crystal covered ice, to gain none other than, fish! NEVER, in my wildest dreams, did I dream that phishing, could ever mean, invading someone's website, with the intentions of stealing someone's private information, for the benefit of absolutely no common good, but for one's own lazy, greedy, ruthless and illegal personal gain.

As a Canadian, snowbound, and anxiously awaiting a Spring vacay with toes buried in sand, the sun shining down on us, ice-cold drinks in hand and Caribbean music swirling around our heads, as we try to figure out how to make the fins on the fish more indented without caving our 3 yr old's sand sculpture, I'm sure to be thinking that I personally know not much about fishing, or phishing.

Only this...

To the dirty dogs who phished our website and deemed it "account suspended" and inaccesible, shame on you. Didn't your fathers ever teach you the value of hard work for your benefits, and how to 'fish', the old fashioned way??

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