Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bridging the great divide

WOW!! I'm always so proud to see fellow Canucks do well. Such a young and fresh approach to something of great value and reader appeal with tons of potential in the wedding industry, is sure to be met with huge success. Sharing is just one of those things we as women do best. I love that women not just across Canada, but across the globe are far beyond finding a voice, but creating their own means to have it heard far and wide. So proud of A and Monique...the latest of blog pioneers on the Canadian Wedding scene helping to bridge a gap that comes none too soon. Gotta love all things Canadian, and I do! Thanks so much you guys, for the recent feature of our Sweetest Moments Wedding Collection!!

Je T'aime: I Saw The Sign! - Bride Scouts

Hi Hi,If I could put up a sign for every detail of a wedding, I swear I’d do it! SIGN: Ceremony this way SIGN: Reception that way SIGN: Bathroom around the corner SIGN: Centerpiece on table… you get it. I LOVE signage and today’s post is all about my feelings towards them. In scouting all things Canadian Wedding, we found this amazing company nestled in beautiful New Brunswick...READ MORE

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