Tuesday, May 25, 2010

our first interview

I always hesitate to post when our creations have been featured somewhere, as I'm not comfortable with appearing to be tooting my own horn, but as long as anyone reading understands that it is all for the purpose of interest and business promotion that shops and products are featured, then I don't feel so sheepish for promoting and making mention of the feature. I was thinking to create a seperate category for such features or make mention elsewhere on our blog for our readers, but haven't yet figured out how to do that. And so, with all waivers aside, here's the latest with the hopes that you'll share in our excitement!

We were quite thrilled at Gabreial Wyatt's interest in us! Gabreial is Editor in Chief of Vintage Indie and we do sincerely thank her for the honour of inviting My Painted Porch to an interview. In the event you would like to read her feature, you can do that here at Vintage Indie.

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Sandra said...

Toot away girlfriend!!! You are awesome. xx