Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's a start...

Oh my!  It’s been awhile since my last blog post, and as always, I have good reason...of course!  There’s a real possibility of relocation in our future. Hopefully, no matter where we go, I will still be able to do this job of mine that so fulfills my need to create and express.  While recently, and finally, making the move to prepare the attic (it’s only been 9 years) for ‘market’ in the event we are given notice that our turn has come, I’ve had to pay some much needed attention to my much loved space where My Painted Porch ponders creations and brings them to fruition.  Needed for that tho when the business is growing and taking over our entire home, is a defined space with boundaries, that still allows the juices of creativity to flow freely, while offering some organization to the whole mess. Our attic was just not up to speed on that count!  Of course the studio is up there, but also on that floor are two tiny bedrooms, a bathroom with an old claw foot tub, and a hallway.  I recently tackled all of the above, with the exception of the studio. Far from finished, I did however take the initial steps to lift, sand, stain and paint the space and assign practical use to the tiny ‘catch-all’ rooms up there.  In the process, I found use for one of these great old windows I’ve been digging out of people’s trash piles.  Joe and I have travelled a bit throughout our life together, from start to present.  With so many pics on our PC (14 GB to be exact), it was time we printed some off and displayed them, even if to be enjoyed by us only, and this old window was perfect for that!

We love the story of ‘us’, later in life, seeming to be just waiting for each other from across a huge body of water, it finally came to be.  So many wonderful shared private moments...triggers that would mean nothing to anyone else, but yet to look at just one word, would have us giggling beyond control and reminiscing of some of our sweetest moments to date.  This is a creation of My Painted Porch...a personal project, in the style of a subway station roll sign.

For some of you reading who know very little about me, I also sing and love to write...on the blog yes, but also songs. Singing has been a deep-seeded passion of mine since young enough to speak, and the songwriting bug bit when I was about 13.  I need a space of my own for that...for guitars, recording gear, and just a room where when I close the door, contains no time constraints, no echos of ‘Mom!!”, no orders, no expectations, no demands.  This room is truly ‘my space’.  I opted for no curtains or blinds on the window in this room...may the sun shine in in it’s full strength and inspire me!

This room, is now my packaging room (for small packages that is...the large still somehow find their way to our dining room table...can’t be helped it seems).  This was the major ‘catch all’ room of the house.  Crafts, supplies, Christmas decorations, boxes filled with old paper files etc etc etc.  Could not stand it for one minute longer...YARD SALE!!  Most of it now sits confined in one place in my son’s room while he’s away studying, but will find it’s way to the front porch one sunny Saturday morning, much to his delight I’m sure, and most definitely mine. 

A before..
and an after...
 With more to hang on the walls of them all, and a bathroom needing it’s new toilet installed which patiently sits waiting, it’s still a space awaiting more attention, but now already offering a breath of fresh air.  I haven’t yet had the chance to go to my music room and just barricade myself with rhythms and melodies soaring thru my head, but so nice to know that when the inspiration hits me, I almost can!


Linda Coulombe said...

Beautiful are so talented, I am so blessed to have met you. I spotted Something Else Rest. on your special wall.... I know you and Joe spent many precious moment at your fav. table, and you did such a great job choosing colors for us. Love you Leslie! xo

The Passionate Home said...

Move to BC and come work with me!! Thanks for visiting, so nice to hear from you! Have a great day! C

French Vanilla said...

Great post Leslie, so nice to read what you have been up to. Love the "personal sign" you made. How wonderful to bring back happy memories just by reading the words on your sign. Great idea! I agree with the poster from Passionate Home.... yes, move to B.C.(maybe the Island). I am sure you would feel right at home here!